Training Workgroup


The mission of the SEOW Training Workgroup is to meet identified needs in Colorado to increase the capacity of local public health professionals to work with data. This work group aims to develop trainings and professional development materials to assist local communities collect, analyze, and disseminate local data surrounding the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and the consequences of such use in order to identify and prioritize the prevention and treatment needs of their communities. The group strives to build professional skills, knowledge, and resources to create a more data literate workforce that is better equipped to use data to inform planning and policy.



Data State of Mind: How to Become a Data Citizen

Click here to download the SEOW’s data literacy manual. This manual contains seven sections on understand, interpreting, collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data. By the end, you’ll be a data citizen!

Training Video Modules


 The Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center has developed corresponding training modules. There are seven total training module videos. To access the training material, register with the link below.

Current Workgroup Members

Jeff Proctor

Executive Director, The Evaluation Center


Sydney Chaves

SEOW Coordinator, The Evaluation Center


Sharon Liu

Prevention Program Manager, OBH


Anne Hill, DrPH

Public Health Epidemiologist, Pueblo Dept of Public Health & Environment


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