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About the SEOW
The Colorado SEOW increases awareness, understanding, and access to data and data publications that address substance use, abuse and related health issues in Colorado. The Colorado SEOW is a multi-disciplinary working group that promotes the collection, analysis, and clear communication of data to support and inform substance use, prevention, intervention, treatment, recovery, enforcement, and broader policy.

The Colorado SEOW is associated with the Colorado Office of the Attorney General as the data committee for the Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force (SATF). This unique relationship allows the SEOW to provide key leaders and legislators with information on substance use trends and to help inform the allocation of resources.

January SEOW Meeting Thursday, January 19th 9:00-10:30 MST
The Colorado SEOW has invited Courtney L. Everson, PhD and Elysia Clemens, PhD at the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab to present on the Perinatal Substance Use Data Linkage Project. Using lessons learned from the perinatal space, this presentation will highlight the value and process of linking data, the importance of building partnerships, and the role of legislation in creating sustained solutions.

If you are unable to attend, you can view the presentation following the meeting by accessing the recording on our website.
In November, the SEOW invited Julia Stullken (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) to present on Alcohol Outlet Density Storymap.

Recordings of the meeting can be found under the meetings tab on the SEOW website. If you would like to access slides from the meeting, please contact us.
Connecting people to data is one goal of the SEOW. Check out these additional resources and opportunities from our partners and other reliable sources.
Office of National Drug Control Policy Non-Fatal Opioid Overdose Tracker

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), launched a dashboard of non-fatal opioid overdoses across the country. The goal of the tracker is to track non-fatal opioid overdsoe in the pre-hospital setting using nationally submitted Emergency Medical Services (EMS) data. View the full data tracker here.
Coming soon this spring:
2023 Epidemiological Profiles

The profiles provide an overview of various substances, substance use behaviors, and consequences related to substance use. The Colorado SEOW will publish substance use profiles every other year. This year's profiles include sections on Colorado demographics, special populations, mental health, alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, opioids, and stimulants.
You can find the previous epidemiological profiles, along with data briefs and newsletters, here.
2023 CPHA Culture of Data Virtual Conference
April 6-7, 2023

The Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA) invites you to submit an abstract for our virtual Culture of Data Conference, which will take place April 6-7, 2023. The Culture of Data conference brings together community groups, academia, state/local government, healthcare entities and nonprofit organizations that share a goal of achieving health equity. The Culture of Data conference is designed to strengthen the use of data to support the CPHA vision of creating the healthiest Colorado for everyone.

The theme for the 2023 conference is "Breaking Down Silos: Public Health Data and Community Action," and is welcoming submissions
that showcase partnerships and power sharing with community groups to create more inclusive data systems, data storytelling to promote community resiliency, and utilizing data to advance policy development and community-centered activism. This year, CPHA is also hosting an Emerging Leader Showcase, and those selected to present will receive scholarships to attend the conference. For more information on the submission process, please visit the Culture of Data website.
Does your organization have an upcoming event you would like us to promote? Contact us and we can make an announcement at our next meeting or in our next newsletter.

Do you know someone who would be interested in joining or an agency that would benefit from engaging with the SEOW? Let us know or invite them to the next meeting! We are always seeking new partners to enhance our work and expand our reach.

Thursday, January 19, 2023 9:00-10:30 AM, MST
LOCATION: Zoom, contact us for an invite
TOPIC: Perinatal Substance Use Data Linkage Project

For more information on the SEOW, visit our website at

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