The SEOW aims to provide timely, meaningful, and actionable data. Each of the following publications is our attempt to do so in a way that provides value to our partners. The SEOW regularly publishes topical data briefs, newsletters, and epidemiological profiles. Occasionally, the SEOW will publish unique pieces like our data equity checklist and data literacy manual.

Alcohol Policy

These publications focus on evidence-based policies to reduce excessive drinking. These documents provide a high level overview of Colorado’s current alcohol polices and information on strategies for reducing excessive alcohol use.

Data Briefs

Data briefs provide a high level overview of salient and timely substance use topics. Some recent topics include Fentanyl and Stimulants.

Epidemiological Profiles

The Colorado SEOW develops and publishes epidemiological profiles every two years, designed to be readily usable to all people working in fields related to substance use. The 2023 profiles include information on Demographics, Mental Health, Alcohol, Cannabis, Opioids, Stimulants, and Tobacco.


The SEOW sends newsletters periodically to share SEOW publications, partner publications, and information on upcoming events and professional development opportunities.

Please contact us for more information on accessibility, or if you need assistance in accessing or viewing any of these documents.